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We collect the following information online:

  • About your company – the information you type in
  • About how you use our site – because we can track this using something called ‘cookies’
  • About your company advertising – how effective your placement is

The main ways we use this information:

  • To tailor how our site can help you and your company
  • To fulfil your advertising requirements and deliver what you have paid us for
  • To advertise your company information to the best of our ability
  • To maintain and update your contact records when deemed necessary
  • To send you marketing communications using various communication and marketing methods
  • To use your company information for third party communication and marketing

And, for your peace of mind:

  • We will safeguard customer information to the best of our ability
  • You can stop us sending you marketing communications by requesting us to do so in writing
  • You can stop us tracking how you use our site by requesting us to do so in writing
  • You can request us to delete or change the information which you have given us in writing

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